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    • Hi @Steve Marshall, I am planning to give CMRP this year . Could you please let me know what's the passing score ? Thank You 
    • Dear All, I am interested to find about your view on the recent demand by the industry on Digitalization of work! There seems to be an immense sense of urgency (fueled by the pandemic) and move away from the traditional ways of implementation (test/pilot/assess/adjust/implement etc) of digital tools and services. Many organizations create new analytics departments,  hire Data Scientists, implement mobile apps, further convert print media to digital format, roll out new software in enormous speed these days. So, in this dynamic situation, how are you approaching to this within the sphere of Maintenance & Reliability Management?  My initial take on this was, first we need to fix our backyard and ensure that the house is in order (get the basics right! - i.e. if your CMMS equipment hierarchy is incomplete, your workpacks are rough, your team lacks competencies, what is the point of spending all that efforts and money on digitalizing your sub-standard work practices and processes!). Nevertheless, the more I read and think about it, the dynamics of Digitalization is somewhat different to what we are used such as a traditional CMMS roll out which typically  takes 2-3 years.   The digital crusaders seem not to take any prisoners and follow the agile processes (similar to .com industry) and adopt "Fail Fast, Learn Fast" approach and strategize, plan and roll out digital initiatives in 90 days-180 days horizons - and claim success! I am still not quite there and struggle to see how they achieve these in an integrated and sustainable way! Be interesting to hear from you all! Noyan Ercan Quote from an McKinsey expert: "Too often people think of digital transformation in terms of, “Let’s put some really powerful technology over this process and it’ll suddenly be much stronger.” That’s not how it works. Just digitizing an analogue that was conceived decades ago is not transformation—without going back to how you can serve the customer’s need better, you haven’t transformed anything." Related article/Podcast from McKinsey:  https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cDovL3BvZGNhc3RzLm1ja2luc2V5LmNvbS9mcC9pbnNpZGV0aGVzdHJhdGVneXJvb21fZ3BsYXk/episode/aHR0cHM6Ly9wb2RjYXN0cy5tY2tpbnNleS5jb206NDQzL2w_cj1nb29nbGVib3Qmcz1fZ29vZ2xlYm90Jmk9NmM2MzNhMzEzMDMwMzAzMDMxNjMzNDczNzA3NDM1NjIzMzM0NmE2NTczNzMmaGU9Njg3NDc0NzAyNTMzNDEyNTMyNDYyNTMyNDY3Nzc3NzcyZTZkNjM2YjY5NmU3MzY1NzkyZTYzNmY2ZDI1MzI0NjYxNzM3MzY1NzQ3MzI1MzI0NjY0NmY3NDYzNmY2ZDI1MzI0Njc0Njg2NTJkNzM3NDcyNjE3NDY1Njc3OTJkNzI2ZjZmNmQyZDcwNmY2NDYzNjE3Mzc0MjUzMjQ2Njk2ZTczNjk2NDY1MmQ3NDY4NjUyZDczNzQ3MjYxNzQ2NTY3NzkyZDcyNmY2ZjZkMmQ2Mjc1Njk2YzY0Njk2ZTY3MmQ2MTJkNjc3MjY1NjE3NDJkNjQ2OTY3Njk3NDYxNmMyZDYyNzU3MzY5NmU2NTczNzMyZTZkNzAzMw?sa=X&ved=0CAUQkfYCahcKEwio783ro_3tAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQAQ Digital strategy in a time of crisis (mckinsey.com)  
    • Customer - Service provider model vs Direct Reporting approaches are both used in O&G industry. Current trend that we can see these days is a central Maintenance Support Organization leading and managing core areas such as; CMMS, Planning & Scheduling, Spare Parts, Analytics/KPI report out, Strategy/Tactics, Continuous Improvement and supporting the front line Maintenance Teams (Superintendent/Supervisor level) who directly report to the Production Unit Leader and execute daily maintenance. In this matrix model, the central organization 's involvement to day to day is limited, and they focus on the house keeping and improvement aspects. Obviously this model is more relevant for mid to large size organizations where matrix organization model offers value . For smaller teams, I favor customer-service provider model, otherwise under pure Operational Leadership Maintenance tends to get reactive!
    • Words of wisdom from Peter! If you recall the Asset Improvement Program we worked on together in Turkey, I followed the above formula. First achieved a few quick wins, both the production and Leadership then were able to see concretely the "value" that M&R effort can unlock. After that, we utilized the end year Solomon performance report output and advocate to the Leadership that, if they fund our M&R improvement initiatives, then we have a credible case for improving reliability and deliver a significant return on investment. We were able to ask for that, as the quick wins helped us achieve credibility and we could demand for more resources or tools etc.. Pretty much we claimed portion of the profit and asked Leadership to "spend money to make money"! In three years time the refining company achieved top quartile availability performance (reaching 92-95% availability levels), and the rest was history!   Good to catch up in this forum! Noyan
    • I wanted to let you of some upcoming changes to the Road to Reliability Community site. First of all, I am very excited to announce that work has commenced on a Road to Reliability app that will become available in Q2 2021. This will make all courses offered through the Road to Reliability Academy available to you on the go via a native iOS and Android app. More to follow on this in Q1 2020. In preparation for this, the free online community will merge with the Road to Reliability Academy site later this year or very early in 2021. This is so that we can offer the community through the Road to Reliability app in 2021. The community will remain free for anyone to join whilst each course will continue to have its own dedicated student discussion forum. You will not need to do anything, all existing members will be automatically moved across to the new community site as part of the Road to Reliability Academy and you will receive an email in due course with all the necessary details. Thank you for your continued support and I hope that in 2021 we can take this community and the Road to Reliability Academy to a whole new level.

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