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    Management sometimes are refusing to give us Plant for maintenance because they want their key performance index to look good. The other issue is the project management department they don’t normally attend outage meetings as a result they challenge our agreed maintenance plans and scheduling via executives and this sometimes forces us to reschedule our maintenance.
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    Biggest issue I deal with is how to resolve the dilemma of planned PM's that require equipment shut downs vs production goals in a 3 shift 24/7 environment. Preventive work needs to be done but production/senior managements never want to stop production. I've been trying to develop a rational (data driven) way to resolve this dilemma (for 20+ years).... I'm trying to resolve PM scheduling with condition monitoring data with ERP production schedules. Never ending saga...
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    Eric, The few simple reasons as most of the follows replied already which I always see in my company which is one of the WW biggest oilfield service companies are: - Bad communications so operation team updates maintenance team late. - Lack of resources making the unavailable asset goes to most important beeded job other than having enough assets to cover all requirements. - Lack of leadership from maintenance supervisors so they don't plan their pending work properly. - Equipment damages due to operation where replacement takes longer time to substitute damaged ones There are many other reasons but from my experience these are the most important ones. Rgds, A.Rahman
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