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  1. Hi Raul for example, elevators are more reliable and easier to maintain than in the past For older models, there are 2 ways 1) most critical components are switch breakers (380V 32A/16 A) because older elevators have induction engines without current inventors with WYE/DELTA start wiring systems and reliability is the function of number run (count) call elevators (frequency per 24 hours for 7 stations 35 flats 120 persons is from 240 (min 120x2) to 4800 start/stop average 563,1 +/- from houses to houses(assets/assets)) 2) total replacement of induction motor wiring - the function of load elevators (more loads up to limit load (up to 300kg - 4 big and heavy persons, or 450kg 8 very big and heavy persons etc .....) and that is very probably functions, so our open ERP system ADempiere give us pieces of information from databases about warehouses, purchase orders, material receipt, MRP and maintenance orders/ manufacturing orders/sales order CRP and level of switch breakers 380V (16/32/64 Amps) in storage (warehouses) is calculated from Williams formula but for induction engines is 5 days (replace engine 8-16 hours-2 days, replace wired 1, heat 3 days and fix induction engines 8-16 hours 2 days) - this workflows is for all powers (3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12,18 kW) replacement from old to new is not possible (slip ring induction engines have big prices ). Its not so simple to build MRP/DRP/CRP and postgreSQL/oracle_XE database give very interesting results from SQL queries. Gordan
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