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  1. Hi all, I'm new to the community and wanted to briefly introduce myself. I'm a Chemical Engineer from Australia working in a Reliability role in a Food & Beverage company. I balance managing the reliability team (with associated reactive challenges) with making long-term improvements to how we do maintenance. I look forward to sharing knowledge with you all and developing as a reliability professional. Regards, Glen
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  2. Greetings Everyone My Name is Andronica Kwapeng. I have 7 years experience in Maintenance and Reliability. My experience is from Petrochemical and Mining Industry. I am currently working as a Reliability Engineer in Mining Company in Kathu, Northern Cape in South Africa. I am Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) by Society for Maintenance and Reliability Proffesional (SMRP). I am looking forward to learn from you and share my experience
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  3. Hello Everybody, I would just like to take the pleasure of introducing myself. My Name is Craig and i am a time served multi skilled engineer, my background is FMCG throughout my working career, i have picked up many skills from being in this environment which i love doing, I started out on shift living a rather reactive existence where i learned to work under pressure developing critical thinking along the way a part o my career which i see as being absolutely necessary to see both sides of the coin, i have seen new opportunities recently and moved into the role of Maintenan
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  4. Hi Everyone, My name is Wirza from Indonesia. I have Mechanical Engineering educational background and have been working in FMCG in past +8 years. Currently i am working as Packaging Service Manager in Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia. Previously i have extensive 5 years experience in operational & maintenance bottling industries. In 2015 i was assigned as Project Manager to handle Green-Field Project of Packaging Service Plant which now the place i am working on. I will go trough the forum and hopefully i also can share my experience BR
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