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  1. Hi all, For this week’s topic, we will be discussing the still quite common “forever fixing culture”. Finding companies/plants that work in a run to failure culture is definitely not a hard task and I am pretty sure that we all have gone through this situation before at least once. Basically, those sort of cultures are part of a vicious cycle composed by reactive maintenance actions, “quick solutions” and a vital thing that keeps it alive: rewarding the forever fixing culture. Regarding such topic, nothing better than these paragraphs written by Ramesh Gulati on his book
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  2. Raul, I am quite sure that every maintenance manager have been “rewarded for failures” in the past. I have been rewarded for it as well. The truth is that quick intervention to repair a failed machine have always made a maintenance engineer or manager look like a hero. According to Ramesh, “this culture needs to be changed” if the managers really desire Reliability and reduced cost because if “we keep paying for failures, we will continue to get failures “.
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