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    Hi all, In the Road to Reliability Roadmap™, we discuss four essential elements to reach a reliable plant, which one of those processes is Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (P&S). We all know that Planning and Scheduling plays a vital role in achieving an efficient Maintenance, by ensuring all the necessary resources will be available at the right moment. However, many companies still struggle to implement a proper P&S process. The reasons for this vary, but lack of knowledge is definitely one of those, as it still quite common to find Maintenance professionals that do not know what Planning is, nor what Scheduling is. Today we will be discussing this element. Actually, we will be discussing just half of it: Planning. So, what is planning? In short, Planning defines what work will be done and how. In other words, planning is identifying and preparing everything that a tradesperson (boilermaker, electrician, mechanical fitters, etc.) will need to perform a specific task in a timely and efficient manner. Try to remember of a situation in which you had to perform a simple maintenance task at your house. Maybe a leaky washing machine, or install a new shower. How many times you had to stop the work to get a different tool because you needed a different seize or you simply got the wrong one? How about visiting that warehouse down the road to buy the parts that you did not know you would need? Now imagine yourself 5 months later doing the same task. However, now you know all the tools and components you will need to perform it. This time, you spend sometime prior the job preparing everything you will need. Which situation you think would be more efficient? I bet the second one would not only be faster, but less stressful as well. An inadequate Planning will cause several problems for your company, such as inefficiency, rework, low morale and, of course, poor results. On the other hand, a well-established planning process can solve such issues and increase the efficiency of your Maintenance team by 35%. Now, what about sharing your Planning experience with our members? Have you experienced a poor planning process? Or a well-implemented one? Regards, Raul Martins
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