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  1. Greetings Raul, I'd go so far as to say they won't just struggle, they will fail without that sponsorship. Some changes, usually minor ones, are within a single manager's control. In Maintenance you might control some training budget, and how your own crews interact. For instance, you can get problems identified using Condition Monitoring to be dealt with in a timely manner by planners and field supervisors so the benefits of Condition Monitoring are realized. That's something I've noticed does not always happen, and it is within your control. But something that will cross departmental boundaries, like getting full benefits of planning and scheduling, won't happen without cooperation from production / operations and supply chain (stores). You'll need that top sponsorship for that one. Cheers, Jim
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  2. Hi Raoul, you brought up a very important topic. From my experience, I can say that many organizations are not aware enough of the importance of CM when they want to introduce any kind of organizational change. At the end of the day, the latter is only achievable if all the employees who are involved, really change the way they do their day-to-day work. And to do so, it is of paramount importance for them to understand WHY the change is happening and get a clear answer on WIIFM? What I'd like to add to your initial thoughts is the importance of the executive sponsor for a successful change. I've seen many cases where a Project Manager was assigned and the change was expected to happen. It is not hard to imagine the results. Even when the Change Agent is assigned (which may or may not be the same person as PM), that does not suffice. It is crucial to have visible sponsorship of the change. Prosci calls that Project Change Triangle - PCT (Sponsorhip/Leadership - Project Management - Change Management). There are several CM methodologies used worldwide. I had reviewed several ones and decided to follow the one of Prosci (www.prosci.com), which has a significant research background of more than 20 years good structure and lots of reference materials. And it focuses on the level of individuals, which I found very important. Consequently I also decided to get certified in accordance with their methodology. Regardles of the methodology one may choose, it is crucial for the practitioners to invest sufficient time to get well acquainted with it. Namely, the topic is more extensive than it may seem. And way too many change projects fail for CM is not (sufficiently) utilized. As we are discussing maintenance, most of the optimization or improvement projects, introductions of new technologies and/or methodologies require changes in day-to-day work. Sound CM should make a substantial difference. Best regards, Andrej
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