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    Onias Muchena
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    Class1 Industrial Electrician with 23 years experience in Industrial Machinery, PLCs, Wiring Circuits and Reading Diagrams. Other fields of experience are Pneumatics and Hydraulics.
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    Maintenance Manager
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    Non Woven Bags
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    Zanzibar, Tanzania
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  1. What Motivates Me? RECOGNITION. In any organization, I work best when managers and co-workers see my worth and value what I contribute. When I do something outstanding or achieve a tough task, being recognized is very important to me. It is not always that rewards are solely monetary, but verbally supporting what I achieved boosts my work ethic and attitude towards my work and future tasks. Written appraisals motivate me so much and I remember 1 organization I worked for which appraised their entire staff annually. You will find that the departments were always meeting targets and go
  2. My name is Onias Muchena. I am an Industrial Electrician with 23 years experience in Industrial Machinery. I am multi skilled and can adapt to different Engineering Sectors very well because I am wired for Engineering environments. It is a joy for me to network with a community with great wealth of knowledge and experience and I appreciate what our Road to Reliability founder has initiated. For sure a community like this brings solutions to this dynamic high tech world we now live in.
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