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  1. Diligent and highly methodical operational professional, with proven experience and diverse background in plant maintenance and workshops co-ordination across mining, construction, workshop engineering industries in remote sites across Zambia. Proactive individual offering skills in full equipment life cycle from tendering, procurement, expediting, inventory/spares management, warehouse, budgets and preservation. Possessing hands-on maintenance and troubleshooting experience; managing the asset through to end-of-life or disposal. Expertise in closely working and liaising with contractors, engineers and mining professionals. Proficient in reducing maintenance cost of equipment as well as improving/enhancing asset/plant’s efficiency through condition monitoring, evaluating and comparing cost and identifying cost-reduction measures. Track record of business case development and gaining market share; experience in developing market share of Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs and reverse engineering, maximising turnover 12-fold. Establishing and maintaining strong rapport with customers of diverse nationalities while responding to their requirements in a quick and innovative manner. Highly skilled in providing innovative solutions to efficiently access supplies as required. Expertise in planning complex jobs through all stages of workshop processes. Contributing to maintaining high safety standards in line with the mining industry regulations. Showcasing outstanding ability to develop new preventive maintenance system while improving existing by implementing lean methodologies and change management, thus maximising equipment efficiency and reliability, further ensuring efficient management of resources.
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