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  1. Hello you all. A culture change should always be accompanied by a change management + action plan. Following the direct points : Training sessions explaining the importance of the new work flow and changes of " THE WAY WE DO THINGS" .This training sessions should be interactive , not only theoretical ones . Maybe ludo games, real life situations where the difference between the two types of working could be really demonstrated and exposed to those workers. exercise 1 : Simulate one scenario without any kind of planning. In that scenario we all know that spare parts, necessary tools and even labor would be forget. Use a chronometer to show how many labor hours and money they would be losing. exercise 2 : Simulate a second scenario where everything is planned and programmed, the next step is to show the amount of time and money this simulation was executed. Create a direct and non complicated process of delivering and receiving the work orders back, if needed for the first month make it a prize worth contest , maybe something from the company ( t- shirts , hats and other items from the company shop) Convince maintenance leader , his the one responsible of winning the team later. Place all that in a change management plan. Kind Regards.
  2. Good morning you all, thanks for the invitation Erik. I´m Tamiris from Brazil. I own a Mechanical Engineergin Bachelor degree and currently work with Maintenance Planner ( predictive and corrective HVAC and civil ) for Sodexo Brazil, providing service for Colgate. Tamiris Palacios
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