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  1. Hi Erik, I will bear that in mind, really there are only a few transactions the technicians will be using and it will be getting them used to using them and as you said explaining their purpose. Small update, we have compiled the master data for the PM including the task lists and PM plans. It has yet to be loaded into the testing environment as the project team is busy with the other sites that are due to go live before us. Our go live is set now for the 2nd week in November. The test scripts for the software are now complete we have 6 roles defined Planner, maint man
  2. Looks good thanks for sharing Raul. So in my workplace it can be very reactive, there are many tasks and it seems never eneough time to complete them over the course of the day. This kind of priority matrix will be golden. Taking that step back and employing one of these tools will increase productivity.
  3. Project is on track, we are submitting the WC, FL and equipment list now for upload on Friday, we have totally only 500 assets so not a massive amount. I spent yesterday verifying serial and model numbers with my team. Looks good. The next stage is adding the task lists. Pm schedule etc. We are creating the CA10 text keys CA10 being the transaction code for the text key, which in this case is going to be then textural procedure for completing the task. (I am assuming) Presently we have a paperbased system most are in word format so we are transferring it all over to no
  4. I have used edX previously for some AWS courses that were very good. While not free I have used the website udemy to develop a number of skills releating to PLC programming, C++ programming and even excel forms sheets. Udemy is definitly worth checking out.
  5. Great insight @Raul Martins thank-you. Checking in again on the project. We have completed the Work Centres (WC) and FLOC and are working our way through the equipment. We are drawing information from many places, for example we had a pump survey completed a few years ago which details all the makes and models of every pump in the plant, this info will be invaluable once I have updated. I met with the insurance inspector today as he has an asset list of all the pressurised vessels, boilers, compressors etc. It will speed me up in compiling the list. We had a discussion on how
  6. Short update. Work centers are complete and the cost centers have been assigned by the site accountant. I gave a short presentation to the team introducing SAP, what a work centre is, functional location and the reason for the equipment lists. This was as much for me to be 100% clear and be able to give a good explanation. I created a CAD drawing of the site showing the work centers that I will plot out A1 for the techs and the planner. Same with the functional locations to follow. This will greatly assist the technicians if they are creating work orders for break
  7. Hi @Raul Martins, For sure I am glad to be part of the project. The external SAP team has requested a functional hierarchy like you say, in the form 4-2-5-16 4- site code 2-workcentre 3-location 16-description We are picking a numbering system for the equipment presently, each piece of equipment will have a nameplate welded onto the frame that will be easily found in SAP. if anyone has thoughts, we are thinking we will go with the following configuration. site-workcentre-equipment type- equipment number so an example number may be CF34-
  8. I am going to be using this space to document our transition and implementation to SAP. I will share what I can and provide as much info for people reading and also for your comments. To say I have been thrown in at the deep end would be about right but it is all good. I am lucky to be able to have this experience on my CV. The story so far; we are part of a multinational company that has SAP on their sites in the US and are now rolling it out to UK sites. The project stared in the middle of this month and is expected to wrap up around October. Our site has a couple of challenge
  9. I am presently posted in a FMCG and considered a key worker. Our plant of 1500 workers was going very strong as people were panic buying at the start however things have taken a major slow down and with the closure of many fast food outlets the company if faltering slightly. We have implemented social distancing in the factory and installed screens on the production lines to mitigate the risk to the staff and ensure their safety. Staff have been off and the maintenance dept has been bringing in people that are not working on 4 week contracts to assist.
  10. Excellent post Raul, thank-you for taking the time to write it out. I work for a multi-national poultry producing company we use the fishbone diagram as part of our RCA process. The operations team use it to help solve some of their issues as well and the maintenance dept and it works very well. I like that they can be done quickly and almost anywhere, I have seen us pick five team members and have a quick RCA in the production office some of the things that come out of the brainstorm you never think of. Strangely having someone from outside the general area tends to
  11. Hi Eric, Thanks for the detailed reply. You have put your point across very well. We are not ready, not by a long shot. I agree with your point on scheduling, that is going to be my focus. I think were we are at presently the foundations need to be in place? Correct scheduling has been mentioned. Correct leadership and management of resources. 5s. What else are we talking about, what are the true basics?
  12. Came ascross some info on the benefit of TPM. Six sigma appears to be the daddy of proceas improvement. I found this an interesting read as presently we have no set standand to work to maybe a blend of TMP LSS and RCM is the optimal soloution to begin to implememt. A small team over one area to proof the system and then roll out over each different area. Thoughts, pitfalls, concerns, critisims are welcome. The html link is an intro to tpm the attatched paper is the meat on the bones.with tpm and lss. http://plant-maintenance.com/articles/tpm_intro.sh
  13. Hello guys, Some of the CV here are impressive! I have been in maintenance for just a few years but have made my way through the ranks quickly. I hope to continue to do so and make my way back into the energy sector or chemical process plant. Presently I am working in a poultry processing factory, it is great and easy to make an impression coming from the power generation sector. Carrying over much of the basics I have learned and making vast improvements in safety and work process. I look forward to making continued progress in my career and compleating my
  14. Hadwll


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