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  1. Maintenance team are usually not involved in production assembling of equipment. Minimising reassembling issues actually begins from the earlier stage of disassembling of used equipment. In new equipment, all components are new and it is much easier to strip down a new unused equipment ( if you want to do reverse engineering and record the manufactured original measurement) and reassembling back. Used equipment disassembling is a different ballgame. If a technician has no specific experience in disassembling of a particular equipment, but familiar with general good practices of disas
  2. Hi, I am (Ir) WCSoh from Malaysia, and I considered myself semi-retired. Instead of retiring, I decide to share my life long technical knowledge and business knowledge in the field of Industrial Maintenance, Repair & Overhauls, Customised Machine and Jigs design and years of experiences in operating and owning Engineering Job Shops. Startups and young entrepreneurs and engineers who are keen in this field of maintenance, reliability and asset management are welcome to contact me. For the next few years, my current workshops and facilities including archived technical and record library
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