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  1. Hy everyone, In the last years I have been working in several kind of businesses. In the position of setting up technical departments at different kind of factory's. Each with their own ERP and all kind of CMMS-systems. Ultimo, Maximo, Sap, AX..." How many more do i have to mention. " For myself at a medium size company is TDO-office working : Understandable for technical skilled people > Low cost > high output > No yearly fee. etc. etc. It al depend on the size and business of the company itself... depending on management decisions with " their view of how maintenance works." All with their short-time or long-time thinking... ... in the end they will need to know there assets and costs. I am not a specialist but I am tired to start over again each time. " I agree with you all " : It is not the kind of program you start with or the software we are dealing with........ It is my team that I need to train !! .. Technical men who are needed to train including myself > with the software that will understands my company's goal. Technical men behind PC's > filling in the CMMS > Software they need to understand > and in the end : Will it work for my technical department ?? " There is the point what is under-estimated from the beginning " : Costs are going sky-high before planning and scheduling will work in the end. CMMS software-trainers think different than the Maintenance-department including the company's philosophy with his own structure and people. This all with software-training > witch cost a lot of time and money > let's not even talk about yearly fees and updates. ( $$$$ ). In the end love and hate all. Rob
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