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  1. Dear All, I am interested to find about your view on the recent demand by the industry on Digitalization of work! There seems to be an immense sense of urgency (fueled by the pandemic) and move away from the traditional ways of implementation (test/pilot/assess/adjust/implement etc) of digital tools and services. Many organizations create new analytics departments, hire Data Scientists, implement mobile apps, further convert print media to digital format, roll out new software in enormous speed these days. So, in this dynamic situation, how are you approaching to this within th
  2. Customer - Service provider model vs Direct Reporting approaches are both used in O&G industry. Current trend that we can see these days is a central Maintenance Support Organization leading and managing core areas such as; CMMS, Planning & Scheduling, Spare Parts, Analytics/KPI report out, Strategy/Tactics, Continuous Improvement and supporting the front line Maintenance Teams (Superintendent/Supervisor level) who directly report to the Production Unit Leader and execute daily maintenance. In this matrix model, the central organization 's involvement to day to day is limited, and they
  3. Words of wisdom from Peter! If you recall the Asset Improvement Program we worked on together in Turkey, I followed the above formula. First achieved a few quick wins, both the production and Leadership then were able to see concretely the "value" that M&R effort can unlock. After that, we utilized the end year Solomon performance report output and advocate to the Leadership that, if they fund our M&R improvement initiatives, then we have a credible case for improving reliability and deliver a significant return on investment. We were able to ask for that, as the quick wins helped us a
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