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I hold Chief Engineer Certificate of Competency and I am post-graduated in Maintenance Engineering. Solid experience, working offshore on board of 5 FPSOs, I became an expert in marine systems, like boilers, engines, turbines, pumps, IG and production plant. Throughout many years of experience in different areas from different sectors I have accumulated a multidisciplinary knowledge and the capability to be results’ driven, fast learner, good listener and understand the importance of being integrated with different teams. My 7 years of Marine background also gave me a solid foundation for this on board of ships.

I have been involved in commissioning, operations, maintenance, modifications, repairs, all of them in lead and supervision positions.  My current job as Maintenance Superintendent gives me opportunity to leverage offshore maintenance team, interacting and collaborating with all departments, being the drive force of motivation towards the balance of experience and innovation, always aiming quality, safety and performance.

I can identify weak points, mediate conflicts and used to deal with different cultures and people. Part of duties is overseeing Technical Team to deal with emergency situations on board and lead the energy optimization and cost saving campaign.

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