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  1. Hi Sander, great to have you join! We have a lot in common: I'm originally from the Netherlands too, but have now finally settled in Australia. And... I enjoy fishing too, although mostly beach fishing which is something I had never done until we came to Australia.
  2. Hi Ronaldo, great to have you with us. You clearly bring a lot of diverse experience to the table. What industry do you work in at the moment? Mining?
  3. Hi Jairo, welcome to the forum, great to have you here. I've never been to Colombia but have worked in the Oil & Gas for a while so we already have something in common. Looking forward to great some discussions here!
  4. Welcome on board @Arghya Ghosal I am sure that in the coming days we'll be joined many others and that together we can create a positive, supportive community where we can all learn and share.
  5. For more details on failure patterns read the article Principles of Modern Maintenance or better read John Moubray's RCMII book.

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  6. Hi Everyone, chances are that if you come to this forum you probably know who I am, but just in case here's me in a few bullets: My name is Erik Hupjé, founder of www.roadtoreliability.com and for the last 20 years I’ve worked in asset management, and specifically maintenance & reliability in the upstream oil & gas industry. I’ve worked on onshore, offshore, deepwater, conventional and unconventional assets in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, the Philippines, the Sultanate of Oman and now Australia. I was born in Brunei but lived most of my childhood in The Netherlands with short stints in New Zealand and Paris, France. I'm married to the most wonderful woman, Olya, who is a very talented artist. Together we have three awesome kids who are growing up way too fast. Having lived as a family in the UK, the Philippines and Oman we are now living in Brisbane, Australia. And since 2017 we are all proud Australian citizens. Outside work I enjoy travelling, cooking, reading about history and since moving to Australia I'm a big fan of beach fishing.
  7. In case anyone is interested in a simple calculator to help you determine the productivity of your maintenance crew you can download one one this page: https://roadtoreliability.com/sell-planning-scheduling/ The tool also helps you to estimate the value a proper maintenance planning & scheduling process can bring to your organisation.
  8. Does your maintenance & reliability team really understand the principles of modern maintenance? And do they apply them? I find that many people don't but would love to know your thoughts...
  9. What RCA techniques do you use? Which one is the most effective? Which one is your favourite and why?
  10. Does your RCA process work? Are you effective in removing defects and reducing bas actors? How do you prioritise which defects / bad actors to work on? Do you track the effectiveness (and financial return) of your RCAs?
  11. Do you prioritise your work requests? If so, how do you do it? Do you use a risk matrix, do you use something like the Risk Priority Number (RPN) or just a simple categorisation? And does it work for you?
  12. I would love to know if in your organisation your maintenance planners and schedulers are actively trained? And if so how and where do you do this?
  13. I am very curious to know: Who has passed the CMRP exam? What did you think about the exam? What were the trickiest questions?
  14. In order to foster positivity in this community and to make this is an inclusive and positive environment I ask that everyone meets the following expectations and guidelines: Treat other members with the respect they deserve. This should go without saying, but treat others like you would like to be treated! Be nice, keep it positive. Be helpful. Have fun. Enjoy the opportunity to receive peer-to-peer assistance. Be open to feedback and be constructive and positive when you give it. Please do not spam. The definition of spam is an irrelevant, advertising or self-promotional post. Any post considered spam will be removed. Please do not post threads text in all CAPITALS since this is considered to be shouting and is not necessary.  Do not post copyright-infringing material (and don't ask for it!) The forum language is English only. Non-English posts will be removed. When creating your profile use your real name and a real picture. Consider this an extension of your professional profile on LinkedIn. Community members who do not comply will be asked to comply or risk having their profile removed. When posting, please take the time to post in the right forum and when posting make sure your topic headlines are descriptive and clear. Before you post use the search functionality to reduce duplicate threads. As we develop this community these rules and expectations will be modified and expanded upon.
  15. Hello, Welcome to the Road to Reliability Community forums! To make it easy, all you have to do is: Sign Up Verify your Account via Email Fill out your profile with your real name, and don't forget the picture Introduce yourself Start posting Tell us your thoughts on how to make things better That's it!
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