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  1. hi Erik, i my organisation work requests prioritization is a daily job. our main tool is our risk assement matrix which couples the highest effect between People, Asset, Environment and Reputation. The effect corresponds to a Severity, then you need to make some assumption base on your failure rate, internal operating rules to determine what could be the likelihood.
  2. What are the contributing factors of backlogs builiding up in our various organisations?
  3. How do you deal with Backlogs in your Organisation? Please focus or direct your answers on these key Points: Aging Backglog / Risk Re-assement and Prioritisation / Scheduling Cheers.
  4. What is your single biggest issue when it comes to Maintenance Planning & Scheduling? Thanks for this question Erik, My biggest concern is People's mindset, Maintenance Planning and scheduling is a phylosophy, it is a culture, it should be a commitment for the whole organisation if we want it being efficient. The maintenance team should be knwoledgeble and used to the maintenance planning process starting form work identification process (The information you put in a work requests) to the job closure (feedback you get after completing your job). Everybody should know the main goal to achieve: asset reliability. I can ensure you if you seems to be the only one knowing what you are talking about, then you are in trouble.
  5. I am Romeo, Acting as Operations / Maintenance Planner & Scheduler with 6 years of experience so far in Oil&Gas. Master degree in Industrial Maintenance and Production Engineering. I spent 02 years in the SCM departement doing Material management, Inventory Management and Logistic joined with a little bit of procurement and that was onshore; then later went offshore in maintenance segment where i am now. Happy to join this community of very experienced people and aleady excited to learn form you and share knowldge as well. cheers
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