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  1. Hi @JOHN V, you are spot on. There is way too much fancy jargon around. Ultimately it boils down to having the right people who take pride in their job and thererfore won't accept sub standard workmanship.
  2. Hi @Hadwll, just saw your post and thought I share my experiences. Firstly how big is your organisation? I mean are you talking about hundreds of maintenance staff deployed over multiple sites? In case your organisation is smaller, say 50 staff, I wouldn't bother naming the thing. Instead I would focus on the basics and try to master them. This means have good planners who really know the plant and therefore do the right thing (as opposed to do the things right). After your planners have identified the true scope and required parts for the job you will need to schedule it most appropriately. T
  3. Hi Tiago, how does the platform climb? Does it have a fixed boom along which it travels or is it a telescopic boom?
  4. Hi all, I would like to know your opinion on whether or not maintenance should be reporting to operations. I am asking because I have worked in a maintenance line organisation (in the Army) where maintenance was accountable for maintaining equipment readiness. Here in Australia (mining and resources) I have seen organisations where the maintenance supervisor reports to production. Doesn't this compromise equipment readiness as necessary maintenance tasks will get delayed to "catch up" on deferred production?
  5. Great tool. Everyone will understand it and draw conclusions accordingly.
  6. Hi Tiago, have a look under Fall Protection Systems and in particular Ladder Climbing Safety Systems. Workers who climb up a ladder hook themselfs up to a cable via this fall break contraption. Should a worker fall of the ladder said break will stop him from falling.
  7. Alright. From my experience an asset (e.g. pump) can last from very short to many years. Factors that influence the life expectancy of said pump are: fit for purpose pump design, right pump materials, pumped medium properties, flow conditions (avoid cavitation!), operating point, seal type and barrier fluid, and last not least correct installation (allignment, solid foundation). Of equal importance are the ongoing inspections and checks that all instruments are calibrated correctly.
  8. I don't understand your question. Did you want to know which factors influence the life of the asset?
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