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  1. Sometimes have a critical surprises on field, Where have no time to think about priority on work requests. Where have to press the button STOP and no time for permits and etc.. And in some idea there is no place of research on why it happened and who to blame..
  2. Some times it is also happens: company hires maintenance planner or Maintenance team leader to lead the team in the forest of equipment. That is great. But what to do when as Maintenance Planer you see possibility of improvement on equipment. New things are fabricated daily for various equipment. And yeas it costs downtime and money... And what can you do when as an MP you bring this to top's as an offer for solution and improvement. You get answers that it is not needed it will be not good we work with this equipment since 1980's.. I spoke my self once as ( S. Jobs from apple ) why then you hire smart or duty patriotic people for this task and not listening for them... Outcome fired... And we as technicians are like computer geeks hardly understood by people. We have to show explain and prove that is worth.. Technicians is culture without language only skills knowledge and experience... Help people to help you
  3. What is your single biggest issue when it comes to Maintenance Planning & Scheduling? Different industries different rules and people... In marine industry every one try to work as team and not competitors. Not always it is going like should be... Competitions and time rush is biggest issues. Wrong spare stock management. Team members it self, some of them came to work for the money as reward for held position. And sadly there are who coming there just for reward... And in the last case is the worst scenario...
  4. Hi Everyone. Mr.Erik, thanks for invitation to your initiated community project. I am out comer from Lithuania, since 2003 continuously involved in Maintenance tasks and problem solving on Marine engines and it's systems. Started from Fishery industry as sea going engineer and lately got my hands on, at offshore in O&G , wind-farm projects. Been active member as in onshore traveling maintenance team member. Present time adding to my portfolio new skills different from technical industry. Maintenance and mechanical prob. solving now became to me as hobby in local area or on request some times to go out.. Wish to all, respective experience exchange and active assistance to colleagues who seeks for answers in their technical challenges..
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