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  1. Hi to all Actually I faced this issue & slowly but I believe I have improved the conditions. I have moved & I would move in the following steps: List out your main spenders in terms of equipment. I believe, we can do it with 80-20 principal. Start work on them to find out the causes. Try to find out efficiency in budget to include training & investing in new tools to bring out predictive approach rather than reactive. If needed create a business case with ROI Develop together with operations to bring out a plan for maintenance team. Plant GM also needs to be involved as sometimes, there will be conflicts of interest & we need to find out the common path. Find out the cause of low morale & work on it. This is the most tedious task & will take more time. Once training & confidence building starts, the situation will automatically change but it has to be done slowly. New recruitment is a painful task & mostly not possible. I believe that is what we have to do in easy steps but I know that all of the above is easier said than done. Regards
  2. Dear All I have used few CMMS tools. In the end, my feelings are that like any other tool, best CMMS depends on user. I have following reasons to justify my answer: I have seen very good report through Macro based Excel files & very bad reports through MAXIMO or EMS I have seen most of the tools fields empty for many reasons which basically doesn't give you information I have seen wrong entries giving you wrong information. They are made so heavy that people are not able to enter everything. Generally CMMS is chosen based on many reasons sometimes out of even Maint Mgr scope like client want you to have particular system etc. There are following factors which makes any CMMS good or bad: How you have implemented it. I would say a person who has a knowledge of hands on should be in the implementation team. A lot of exercise is required on reporting & expectation from CMMS so that implementing team can be able to incorporate them. How users are trained: Most of CMMS fail because of this part. Either people are not trained, they are unwilling or don't like to enter everything. It shall be ensured that every level the fields are entered, counterchecked & saved. Responsibilities shall be very much given & followed. How many reports are generated: Once you have the data, how you are using them, Is the data giving you expected results, if not, make changes that are required. How it is AUDITED - In the end, even CMMS shall be audited. Generally I have seen people saying, " we are following all data & maintenance through XXXX & we don't need to audit. On the contrary, we must audit the reports & data otherwise the reports will be corrupt & will be useless. In the last, I would say an old saying I read somewhere " In the hands of an expert, a stick is powerful than sword & in the hands of an novice, a sword is weaker than a stick" Regards
  3. Dear Pierre I have used these sensors. They can be a good & cheap alternative to equipment which you would like to have an eye on regular basis. You will get a vibration trend & you will be able to do the needful if trend is on UP. Moreover, it will give you a visual red LED if vibration is high even if you do not have an iphone to check visually. The less cost makes it a good alternative. BUT They gives you data in mm/s so you can't do analysis with this(I do not know otherwise) The battery last for 2-3 yrs It's a single axis sensor so you will not get data in 3 axis Please feel free to discuss further if needed. Regards
  4. Dear Jefferson & Jim I would like to add a bit from what Jefferson suggested i.e. to train & explain the reason of data collection from the CMMS. Most of the technician feel that if I put less hours, then my overtime will not be calculated & I should write more to complete my daily work hours. But the fact is not the same. We collect data to estimate the time required to complete a job or some other reason but not for KEEPING THE TIMESHEET. We must clear this doubt to the team as well as HR that CMMS is not a TIMESHEET tool. Once people start adding the correct time taken to do the job, you can exactly find the MTTR or other details. Worlds best CMMS are just tools which work on the principals of GIGO. We must encourage our teams to not enter Garbage in the system but the correct data so that we can retreive information & not data
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