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  1. Hey Jim Appreciate the interest. The CTA method is in its infancy in our company. We've done just a handful and for those the causes were straightforward electronics failures. If I do come across any more in future I'll be sure to post here so that everyone can benefit off of it.
  2. We use the Causal Tree Analysis Method (CTA). It's quite new for us as well and I feel its uniquely suited to us because we only focus on the the limb of the fault tree that actually matters. Earlier when using a standard Fault tree for RCA we would stop once we had a root cause and never drilled down into it to get to the crux of the issue. CTA allows us to do that now.
  3. Hi there. I've been a reliability engineer for all of 9 months. I have a background in Marine and Plant Maintenance. I believe that the only way to improve maintenance and reliability practices is through sharing knowledge. That's why I'm here. Thanks Erik for creating the platform.
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