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  1. Hi Sir, Introduction my self, my name is Pipin Azrin. Nice to meet you. I said thank you before, Can you help me to share the workflow from under maintenance to equipment reliabilty data ? Because i need a reference to calculate percent of the reliabilty equipment. Thank you for your attention. And This is my email : pipinazrin7@gmail.com. Kind Regards, Pipin Azrin
  2. 1. Spare parts and material of equipment that are not in the warehouse. 2. Sudden operations change.
  3. Hi, Mr. Erik Hupje Thank you for the information that has been given to me and this is very useful. Thanks, Sir. Kind Regards, Pipin Azrin
  4. Hi, Proffesional Engineer, Introduce my self, my name is Pipin Azrin. My nick name is Pipin. I come from INDONESIAN. Did you know INDONESIAN ? Yes, that is my Country. ? and my passion is MECHANICAL ENGINEER ? Okay, we initiate only on the issues that i want to convey to all colleagues, this is a discussion forum for equipment reliability for plant. I have a gas turbine engine for power plant 200 Megawatts. I need a manual book for maintenance performed on this power plant. Maintenance preventive, corrective, planning & schedulling, defect Elimination & Root Cause Analysis. If anyone can share, please share in the comment or send to my email: pipinazrin7@gmail.com Please, don't hesitate to share. GREETINGS ENGINEER Yours Sincerely, Pipin Azrin
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