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  1. Hello All, We use infor EAM as our CMMS since the startup of our company in 2010.A lot of expat was worked on it but unfortunately, it very complex CMMS. Actually, the management decide to switch to other CMMS. am not saying that EAM is bad, but I did not recommend it for someone.
  2. For us the biggest issue is dealing with operation, whatever the criticality of the equipment, it is up to operation decide to give or not the equipment for maintenance activity.
  3. That is true, and my question is where to start as we are at reliability team?
  4. That's true, On your first point, our plant already start working on that.The second point,we are still fighting on that due to operation.they did not give the e equailment even we give them a timeline for repair. Removing defect,on that regards,action item execution is our big issue. The last point, a procurement issue as well is noticed. They buy the chippest spare. We are a mining company with 7 years of production now. Based on your experience, in which point should we start to improve our plant reliability.
  5. In our site,my biggest concern with planning& scheduling is lack of spare part and th e plant running more on reactive mode, a lot of exception
  6. Realy appreciate your initiative building this group and especialy invite me Lusaac
  7. Lusaac


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