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  1. I enjoy maximo especially for producing different reports because it can be integrated with other systems. The other part i enjoy mostly about maximo you can attach the test results before closing the work orders. The test results will be there for records purposes once they are attached on the work order all employees can access them anytime when opening the relevant work order. Let me mention the inventory management the stock level inventories and OEM information management.
  2. Management sometimes are refusing to give us Plant for maintenance because they want their key performance index to look good. The other issue is the project management department they don’t normally attend outage meetings as a result they challenge our agreed maintenance plans and scheduling via executives and this sometimes forces us to reschedule our maintenance.
  3. The challenge I have is the attendance of maintenance planning and scheduling meetings by other stakeholders especially Project execution department. The team will agree with maintenance plan & scheduling dates. All the present stakeholders will agree and sign off the maintenance plan. The maintenance work orders will be scheduled as per plan. Later on project execution will request shutdowns or outages without consulting the maintenance plan while they don’t normally attend the maintenance planning and scheduling sessions. Remember the projects are classified as a planned work. Their last minute shutdowns or outages request are always approved and this is affecting our maintenance plan and scheduling negatively.
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