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  1. Bijoy Xavier

    Doubt related my current work

    Hi Mr.Jim, I just started reading his materials. I hope it will influenece my nature of work. all the positive outcomes will be post here on our community.
  2. Bijoy Xavier

    Kerala floods

    Dear all, ‌ I know this is a platform to share and clear all the technical and maintenance doubts, but considering it in my mind i utilize the freedom to share you the disaster happened with my land, as you may know KERALA a small state in India, this land themselves known as gods own country because of its abundant nature, rich culture, geographical position, colourful festivals, climate and many more. But for the past few days we are suffering a lot with heavy rainfall, then which turns to be increase the water level in the 35 out of 39 dams and forced to be open the shutters. When both of these comes together 13 out of 14 districts has now under the big flood which we have never seen in Kerala history. Now over 0.315 million people has been moved to the relief camps and the death toll climbed upto 196. So I'm kindly seeking an attention globally with all your support cause the overall loss with the flood has now crosses over 100billion. There might be many helping hands awaiting around us so, ‌A single share may worth a million. #stand_with_Kerala
  3. Bijoy Xavier

    How to detect bearing failure in advance

    Hi sachin, can you please elaborate the technique?
  4. Bijoy Xavier

    How to detect bearing failure in advance

    Of course Mr. Eric. I learned from my experience that a ball roller bearing will last for at least 1year if it is run in precised alignment without the presence of moisture and heat. But the actual problem is that I didn't get the output even if it is in mentioned good condition.
  5. I've started preparing some records for finding out the life cycle of a bearing. In actual currently I'm detecting the failure by noise and vibration. Can you please explain, some alternate way to identify it more precisely?
  6. Bijoy Xavier

    Doubt related my current work

    Okay Mr. Erik, will always rush you the feedbacks. Thanks for the support.
  7. Bijoy Xavier

    Doubt related my current work

    Okay accepted, let me try on that way mr.erik
  8. Bijoy Xavier


    Hi everyone, Hope this community will influence my career growth. Bijoy Xavier : maintenance engineer at eastern condiments
  9. Bijoy Xavier

    Doubt related my current work

    I'm currently working as a maintenence engineer in a multi national company, which is now the largest spice exporter in India. Even though the working atmosphere is quite good, the maintenance workers comes under me are not much dedicated. only a few are passionate on this work. Rest of them are only works for money. In actual I'm really suffered to give the proper output. Many breakdowns were occur inside the plant in last month. What should I change in order to get a satisfactory output?
  10. Bijoy Xavier

    Bijoy Xavier


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