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  1. Hi Erick Good topic, we still progress deal by vendor to install cmms,its good tool for maintenance,by cmms we can to maintain inventory spare part balance,work order and maintenance performance index,and asset. many thanks,
  2. Hi, i am rizal,me beginner about maintenance management,i only need suggest from expert,for calculate productive time in maintenance activities,activity like light repair,replace tap of water in office or activity of technician outside site (main job like : maintain mechine or repair machine production) , are this activity calculated in productive time.Many thanks,
  3. Many thank Erick to give me actual definition of wrench time.
  4. Hii,all Master I am Rizal, I am beginner about Maintenance,wether activities in maintenanance like Preventive,predictive,corrective,emergency maintenance and Project included in wrench time.Many thanks all
  5. Rizal


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