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  1. I have been an electrician for 12 years and a common theme I have noticed in all that time is that the majority of my troubleshooting time is spent hunting for the right information. Part numbers, accurate diagrams of the circuit, pinout maps of connectors. Electrical troubleshooting will make clear all shortcomings in your documentation. Is it on some shared drive at a fixed workstation in another part of the building (ie of no use to the electrician who has a meter and tools on the circuit)? Is it up to date / in the right order/ in the right language / has all its pages? Is it kept in the same access controlled predictable location? Is it beat up, greasy, torn, dirty and stuffed under a pile of wires? Are there backup copies? Are the copies under controlled distribution (and if not how can you be sure they're up to date?) Did you get schematics at all? If you answered no to any of those you've just made a lot more work for your electricians. You need a technical library and it needs to be properly maintained.
  2. No matter what size maintenance team you have, if it's anything more than 3-4 people things are probably going to go more smoothly if there's at least one senior maintainer coordinating the workflow this way.
  3. We have a Maintenance Control work center who's only job is to coordinate work flows to deliver assets for the flight schedule. This work center is manned by senior maintainers and maintenance officers. That is literally their whole job, they are responsible for saying the work has been done according to regulations and on time. They centrally maintain maintenance records, they have set windows in which an inspection is due, and hold pre-PM (as well as daily or start of each shift) maintenance meetings with representatives from all work centers to get everyone on the same page.
  4. Convincing the client to take the downtime Having someone coordinate the work also seems to be a big problem in the private sector. Just seems to be the wild west once the asset is locked out. One team doesn't know when the other was finished, go to lunch, the other is gone when they come back so they wait 2 more hours. Before you know it the whole day is gone and it could have been unlocked hours ago.
  5. Hi and thank you for the invite My name is Adam Coville, I have been an electrician for 12 years. I received my training and first 7 years of experience as an Aviation Electrician's Mate in the US Navy. Before separating I was qualified on 6 different fixed-wing multi-engine jet aircraft and supervised the night shift of the electrician work center. AEs are responsible for autopilot, instrumentation, flight control, lighting, electrical power generation and numerous other aircraft systems. Since separation I've been working as an ROV Pilot / Technician, and would gladly have kept doing that if the price of oil had supported it. Most recently I worked as an electrician an automated aluminum finishing plant in Upstate NY. I have been exposed to a broad range of technologies in the private sector concerning high-voltage power transmission and PLCs. Happy to share what I know and have a place to air the real brainbusters Adam
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