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  1. Hi, my name is Peter Bitter and I am Dutch and still living in the Netherlands. I am technical professional with 30+ years of experience in the Oil, Gas and Chemical industry, both International as well as National in the areas of Reliability, Maintenance, Operations excellence, Production excellence, Flawless Project delivery, Change Management, Organizational effectiveness, Leadership and Problem Solving I am now available for my next challenge.Due to my Technical (MSc Mech.Eng) as well as my Business (MBA) background I combine an organisational insight and human interest with a technic
  2. Having been in the Reliability arena for many years as well, I directly connect to the feeling that Reliability and Maintenance is mainly perceived as an inconvenient (though possibly necessary) cost centre, and only when things really go wrong the ‘Firefighters’ are rewarded for their quick and temporary solutions; “….and let’s not spend more money on it since the equipment is working again and we need to catch up on Production”. Those that diligently plod-on with prevention of incidents or failing equipment and enhance staying in control of Availability are often not seen nor acknowled
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