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    A man who asks is a fool for five minutes. A man who never asks is a fool for life
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  1. preventive action generally result from suggestions from customers or participants in the process but preventive action is a proactive process to identify opportunities for improvement rather than a simple reaction to identified problems or complaints. Apart from the review of the operational procedures, the preventive action might involve analysis of data, including trend and risk analyses and proficiency-testing results..
  2. Planning maintenance work can be a challenge because it normally consists of two different types of maintenance: Unplanned or emergency maintenance to fix equipment breakdowns or other urgent work as it comes up Planned or preventative maintenance to keep systems/equipment running in peak condition How does one consolidate and manage these two types of jobs? How can one allocate maintenance technicians and work hours in the daily calendar to get both types of work accomplished? Many maintenance programs have grown organically over the years and end up mainly doing breakdown/ unplanned maintenance. Technicians work in fire fighting mode and preventative planned maintenance typically takes a hit. Not doing preventative maintenance on time (or not at all!) results in further unexpected equipment breakdowns and further emergency maintenance work.
  3. Hello everyone. I want to introduce myself to the community . I am ALI SHAWIRF from LIBYA. I am a communication engineer . I have been working in a maintenance Department in oil and gas sector since 2004 , I am currently employed by ENI gas (Mellitah complex) IN LIBYA as a maintenance planner I have worked as an Instrument Analyst and I had worked as an instrument Tech during the construction of western Libya gas project . I live in Libya since i was born in 1985 . My Hobbies are meeting new people all over the world sharing ideas with experience engineers , I like music and Art , I thank Mr Erik for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this community ,I hope people will share their views on maintenance and reliability and make this group useful community.
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