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  1. Thank you @Erik Hupje! About material availability, the thing is: working on failure modes is a long term measure. Until we get this work done, how can we predict work completion time? This is important, for example, for the energy team, that usually performs work for various areas within the facility and therefore needs to provide a deadline to the customer.
  2. Some issues we face are: -Planning and scheduling corrective maintenance that depends on material purchasing. Estimating wrench time in this case is not the issue, but how to estimate the total time from work identification to work completion if we don’t have full control (sometimes we don’t have control at all) of the suppliers deadline? -Setting targets for maintenance KPIs such as: · Equipment availability (considering planned and unplanned downtime) · Percentage of work completed as planned · Percentage of main hours used for different types of activities (I’ve seen for example 75-80% proactive work, 5-10 redesign or modification and 10-15% reactive work) · Percentage of work requests remaining in “request”status I know it varies a lot from industries, processes, equipment…and also from the way the calculation is done. But is there any benchmark on these numbers so we can have an idea of how to control those indicators? -Mindset is also a pain…training seems like an obvious solution. But not always we have time to prepare material and train dozens or even hundreds of people. What other approaches could we take?
  3. Hi everyone! Erik, thank you very much for creating this forum! I'm a part of the Asset Management team in a pharmaceutical company in Brazil for 2 years. Looking forward to see some good discussions here.
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