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  1. Hi everyone, My name is Avin and I recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am currently part of a leadership development program focused on Maintenance and Reliability at a Fortune 500 company in the Dallas, Texas area. I spent close to a year of the program as a Maintenance Supervisor, where I found that too much of my time was taken up either sitting behind a desk staring at a computer screen all day doing administrative work, or having to rush out to the field when a major reactive failure occurred. I rarely got the opportunity to go out with my planner and actually help plan and schedule jobs out on the field. Truth be told, I was not a fan at all of the reactive nature of the job. Now, I am going through a rotation as a reliability engineer, and am loving every second of it. Mainly, I love some of the predictive tools we use on a day-to-day basis to catch potential failures from even occurring (vibration, ultrasound, etc.). One of my goals that I am hoping to accomplish before I complete my rotation in reliability is to implement a continuous vibration monitoring system on certain equipment that is prone to frequent changes in the severity of its vibrations. Currently, we have two technicians that manually take vibration readings from every piece of equipment we have, and I think it would help our data collection and analysis tremendously to have a system that is continuously monitoring the data (can get instant feedback on how any changes to the process are affecting the equipment, better trending to see how long we have had severe vibration levels, etc.). If anyone has any experience with setting up such a system, I would love to hear any feedback! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community, and I hope I can contribute more as I continue to learn!
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