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  1. My experience was only with a customized solution from T-Systems (Sisman) back on 90's. After 2008 we migrated to SAP ECC6 (PM) and now we are going web/cloud with SAP S4/Hana. I love to hate SAP... it has a great potential for any register or report you can imagine to your assets and planning & scheduling have also many options to adapt to your routine. ... but is way too complex if you don't have a good support team for implementation and training. You might end with a customized solution with lots of unused or confusing fields which sometimes tend the operator to input wrong information or none at all, impacting on the reliability of the asset's data.
  2. Hi all, I'm Carlos R C Souza, electronics engineer with masters on artificial intelligence and about 19 years working on maintenance of automotive processes in a trucks assembling plant in São Bernardo do Campo city of São Paulo - Brazil. I started as electrician and assumed roles as technician, supervisor and the last 4 years as a senior maintenance engineer. Thanks for the invitation and glad to meet you! I hope I can contribute and learn o lot here.
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