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  1. Well, I am back, and hope to be a more regular contributor. Long story short, I don't' have a storeroom person, planner, or scheduler. I have a weak CMMS (only because of lack of data entry). Only have about 400 equipment numbers in the system where I probably have 600 pieces of equipment! So I have a long way to go. That being said, it also means I can lay solid ground work. Question: What naming convention have you all found the most useful? The one here follows no formal process. I do not have Highly Hazardous Chemicals, or anything that bad really. We are cast film extrusion. I want to make a standard naming convention. Great Community, thanks all! Phil
  2. Hey all, Looking forward to a strong community that can help each other. Check my profile and linked for details, I won't type it all over again. Tons to learn and happy to be here. I have a broad experience base (Controls to Ops to Maintenance to Training) but always looking to learn more. Regards, Phil
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