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    An electronics engineer with over 30 years' experience in several diverse and technically challenging environments - latterly within the rail industry.
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  1. Good morning all. My name is Philip Ball. I work for Network Rail Asset Information as a Measurement Systems Maintenance Engineer. I help to repair, maintain and calibrate the numerous measurement systems on board our fleet of yellow test trains. I'm specifically responsible for the S&C MPV which surveys track geometry within stations etc. I have been responsible for overseeing the implementation of a structured maintenance program to allow systems maintenance during vehicle PPM downtime. The adoption of this method of working has synchronised our measurement systems maintenance with the actual vehicle maintenance by our current maintenance partner. The benefits of this have been huge. Vehicle maintenance staff have quickly become used to our attendance and this has helped both parties appreciate this vital interface and our joint responsibilities to an even greater depth. We have seen a decrease in the number of faults and also enjoy a more efficient cross-party collaboration for specific maintenance and calibration tasks. System downtime has been significantly reduced and the availability of the entire fleet has shown remarkable improvement as a result.
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