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  1. Gents.- many people confuse planning with the kind of activities they do, in response to Mr. Thabang concern, as my personal point of view is that Maintenance, shutdown and project planning which have a similar process, is not the same, starting that not all of them use the same software or program for the purpose you required, per example: MEX, SAP PM or EAM, MAXIMO and others are designed to be used for Maintenance planning, MICROSOFT PROJECT, PRIMAVERA, and others for Shutdowns and projects. Shutdowns, is an event that takes short times but with an specific time frame is a yes or yes works, which include sometime the whole plant, but maintenance planning is a programed actions stablished for periodic and sometime daily events, like PM's, RM, CM, etc. so in this cases but not all, you schedule the time when it is possible to do the job, but the contrary with shutdowns is all or nothing and to estimate cost that is adjustable. . Now, shutdowns will not alter your schedules, contrary will alleviate works that you could not do it because of other factors, (equipments can't stop, you have alternatives like a bypass, etc) and for projects planning is a more relaxed work, because depends of availability of how the 11 or 13 stakeholders could prepare the whole project .?
  2. Hi guys, I am new in this forum and I have been reading all your wise comments, I have 45 years in the heavy industry starting from the Navy, Oil&Gas, Mining, Refinery, but most of my works for the last 15 years have been planning shutdowns which is a generalized maintenance, the other years I was and I consider my self still as a Mechanical and Maintenance Fitter. RM and CM is the crucial moment of maintenance planning where all the problems start, do you have the parts to be replaced? do you have the emergency team to do the job? how soon can be done? can be done in a shift the equipment is not operative? if is broke means you can do the job, so I believe that plan the plan is more effective and if you like Jim have the experience as a mechanic, then time estimation is more accurate than other guessing's, so what I do in this case and have been of good success for me and my bosses, First Identify the job via notifications, work orders, then approach the equipment, inspect, review, examine, tag the equipment with the notification, or w/o number, take a picture, the location where is the equipment, check what kind of tools the tech's will need, the kind of isolation required and by the time your Mech. Supervisor will start getting all the permits required and create a work pack with all the information including safety and if is possible getting a box and put all the parts that is needed in the working area, that will minimize time lost and effective results. PM most of the equipments have a PM manual, build the schedule and properly following up will also minimize loses, but if there is not manual talking with the operators, supervisors a PM can be created. What I have encounter is most of my Project Managers does not understand our work, when I show them the dashboard indicators as an example, I notice they can even read what that's mean, but that is how happens, maintenance is not complicated, other peoples make them complicated with exotic jargons, a lot of graphics, requesting reports that not take to any where, when everything's is storage in the program and is accesible to them, I learn CMMS called MEX and I teach to Eng.'s in Saudi Arabia, also I lectured in Operational & Maintenance Best Practice. The best way to do our job is keep them simple, is just an equipment not a human been.
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