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  1. 5 Whys is a powerful tool that was a big help to me digging deeper into problems. The limitation I see to it and with some other approaches is the focus on a single cause. I've stopped using 5 Whys for the most part and instead use cause mapping. There is a nice template and website at ThinkReliability.com that is based on Excel and free to use. They also have many free video tutorials and PDF examples that you can look through. I feel the strength of the cause map is focusing on the facts of the event without worrying about categorizing or a strict chain. You can add multiple causes and probe deeper into each one. Many times this yields solutions that aren't initially apparent.
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm a Mechanical Engineer working in the steel industry in North America ( Carolinas). I've been working in engineering to support operations and maintenance of heavy industrial equipment for 25 years.
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