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    Mechanical engineer, Maintenance & reliability engineering, SAP PM module specialist, asset management, planning and scheduling
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  1. I've been an SAP user now for 23 years and the company I work for was one of the first to deploy SAP R3 in Australia (two companies in Australia deployed it in the same week). I can't compare it with other systems except those of the early 90's and SAP's full integration with other modules was far superior to any of these. For the skilled user it is an extremely powerful tool but many don't fully understand what the program can do. Ten years ago I presented to SAP Asia Pacific representatives in a webinar on using SAP for planning and scheduling as SAP felt that their own people also didn't appreciate the capabilities of their product. Until this year we haven't used any of the add-ons available to simplify use of the PM module but this year we raised the bar on maintenance scheduling and have implemented Viziya Workalign Scheduler to assist in meeting these goals.
  2. Hi all, I'm in Melbourne, Australia and have worked in the petrochemical industry for 34 years. Most of this in maintenance and reliability of plant. My strengths are SAP PM module and maintenance systems, in particular planning and scheduling. I'm looking forward to participating to and sharing in the development of this community.
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