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  1. From my ample experience especially when I was faced with the task of determining failure rate of equipments and determining how reliable they were, a major problem I faced was Data acquisition... It ranged from knowing the time of failure of equipment, time to repair, and how is this data stored for retrieval and use. The essence of this task was to improve maintenance scheduling and planning.
  2. Thank you Eric for a forum like this. I am Lewis Udoakpan, I have 3 years post graduate experience as a field maintenance engineer (power) in the Telecommunications sector in Nigeria. Worked mostly in the maintenance and repairs of Mid range Diesel engines both AC and DC types. I have good knowledge in reliability with a dissertation on "failure rate and reliability analysis of centrifugal pumps". I intend to learn a lot from this forum and network with senior professionals who have been practicing for years and willing share with their experience and knowledge.
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