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  1. Hi All, As we know, there is a surge of new predictive technologies emerging in the industry now that sensors are getting cheaper. Some plants are maintaining their antiquated programs due to the high investment costs they had to make in previous decades. One of my past workplace spends significant amounts to build a dedicated server room for online vibration monitoring dating back to the 90's! I am now at a crossroad between investing more in this old technology or accepting the sunk cost of the old and moving forward with the new. A friend of mine introduced me to ITT's i-Alert2 Vibration sensor recently. The sensor is battery operated, transfers data through Bluetooth 4.0 and doesn't require any IT infrastructure other than an iPhone to capture the data. Furthermore a sensor cost a little under $400 CAD. I would be interested to hear any experiences you guys have had with this new wave of technology. I'm skeptical of anything cheap as the accuracy or reliability may not be worth it. Has anyone here used something like the ITT i-Alert2 sensor? https://www.ittproservices.com/Our-Services/Aftermarket-Products/Monitoring/i-ALERT2-condition-monitor/ Thanks for sharing! Pierre
  2. I agree with Erik that we can quickly get loss with incomplete action items from initializing too many RCAs. One strategy I've used has been to implement a database system such as Microsoft Sharepoint. Where each RCA can be logged and each item can be assigned to an individual. The system was programmed to send reminder emails to the responsible person. In my view, the action items need to remain visible to all members. Either physically in a public meeting room, or digitally on the front page of a facility's internal website. I like the simplicity of the 5-why's approach. By keeping the RCA simple it doesn't need to be only done by specialized reliability professionals. I think all members of a maintenance department can be trained to perform RCA's and should be empowered to do so.
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