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  1. Hi Shailin. It's far from now, but 10 years ago, when i was working for a CAF company, we had a pilot project for measuring the wheels as the train was entenring the workshop. It was developed in a Spanish company, but I cant recall the name. It measured the flange of the wheel and maybe the width... the point was use CBM for sending it to (dont know the english word for that) refurbish the wheel? take out the materail that goes with the effort to the flange? Sorry for not being of more help
  2. I haven't take the test... but not sure how reknowned is this certification. At least in Spain, i have never heard of it, and I have been working in Maintenance for about 12 years. I'm more used to hear about PMP for project managers than this one.... but maybe it can be worthy.... anyone has any material for preparing it? as Eirk was saying, i can trust my experience, but US terminologies can make the test tricky.
  3. Working in Madrid right now. In a people transport company. I have around 725 buses on my team to take care of
  4. Hi everyone, just took me "only" 6 months to join the community ? but in the meantime I finished an MBA and got married at the same time. Sorry for the delay ? I'm an Industrial engineer, and I have been working for maintenance almost 12 years, with a brief cheating with Software development. I have changed to different areas, but mainly related with engines ( buses now, trains in the past and also cogeneration engines). Will take a look into the forum and want to learn from all you and share all I can give to the community. Regards.
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