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  1. I think previously the target was on sales not customer satisfaction. If the seller got more business from demo or training, then that was a bonus. The training would have been a generic system outline as the seller's understanding of the client business and associated processes may have been lacking in depth. It's a bit like going into the computer store to buy a new PC or laptop and the (young) beardie, nerdy guy asks for details on what you're going to use it for. At this point you don't know the exact details of use (no defined business process); machine and system functionality / cap
  2. Hi Erik, Great question. I’ve used SAP and Maximo extensively and been involved in multiple roll outs, implementations, upgrades and training around the same for several middle and major companies. I think the answer aligns with the one to the age old macho question: It’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it. What I’ve seen in the past is that a company purchases or is sold a new CCMS EAM or ERP system on the premise that it will bring significant improvement into the business. While this can be true the opposite is also possible. In more than one instance (pre
  3. Hi folks, My name is Peter McMahon. My career started out with 27 years in the UK military in a General Engineer role, employed maintianing a wide variety of equipment required to support aircraft. From there I moved into the Oil and Gas industry and held a similar role in a variety of companies introducing and delivering the concept of Maintenance Excellence to them. I'm currently based in the UK but delivering the same type of product and improvement to a company in the US.
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