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  1. @Raul MartinsThanks for outlining this topic. We are using 5whys after conducting FTA and shed the light more into the root cause and is really helpful at certain degree specially with KPI performance but it does have limited usages when it comes to holistic process investigation consists of multiple aspects such as e.g.technical , leadership and competencies..... so I recommend TapRoot but is required little skills to drive its benefits.
  2. @Raul Martins I could not agree with you more! It is defect elimination process where it should be looked from system aspect ( Asset Management ) and assure such gap is fully governed ... I already rolled it out within the Quality Assurance program I currently led and hope to see great results. as matter of fact , I would pull out the data with histories from CMMS and try to figure out on qualitative approach according to failure mode, description and histories if the particular work order should have been ticked as rework or not. End of the day , I will show compliance graph during QA monthly
  3. Hi all , it is my pleasure to start hit the topic of rework KPI .Currently , it quite uncommon to see the rework KPI impact due to misunderstanding the knowledge about it. Also Due to limited capability in CMMS that able to compare work orders based on the same failure codes for identifying reworks and is fully dependent on planner’s knowledge to whether flag it as rework or not , then there could be a trouble of wrongly flagging a rework or not recognizing it or simply not reporting it. How would you verify the rework at your respective plants.
  4. I do really the like the subject and especially the emphasis on P&S with two simple analogies. I found people during the quality assurance program we established do not follow the “weekly schedule” ...... after conducting simple RCA I tend to agree lack of knowledge
  5. We have ”Asset Criticality Assessment” to determine the criticality based on several elements ( consequence of failure X Equipment importance in different production areasX Equipment reliabilityX Utilization rate of the available capacity) it is done among cross-functional team from multiple areas
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