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    Technical Committee Director at International Maintenance Association (IMA) and Secretary General at Arab Council of Operation and Maintenance
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  1. Dear All Members of Road to Reliability, Greetings from International Maintenance Association! Introducing Myself, My name is Basim Mahmoud, Technical Committee Director at International Maintenance Association (IMA) and with great pleasure, I would like to personally invite you all, peers and your esteemed organization to attend the “IMA WORLD MAINTENANCE FORUM 2019” THE CONVENTION CENTER (PALAZZO DEI CONGRESSI) LUGANO - SWITZERLAND 30 - 31 OCT 2019 Under the theme “First Global Meeting of Maintenance Societies” A Worldwide Overview of Current Practice of Maintenance Training and Education INTERNATIONAL MAINTETANCE ASSOCIATION (IMA) The International Maintenance Association (IMA) is a worldwide organization comprising members of 30 countries on five major continents particularly with members from North America, South America, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, the Far East, and Europe. Members include researchers, senior managers, and Subject Matter Experts, in maintenance industry, specialists, curriculum developers, and trainers in different field. This cluster aims to enhance the physical assets maintenance management. The IMA vision is “Global Platform for Knowledge Exchange of Effective Maintenance Practices and Management.” WORLD MAINTENANCE FORUM 2019 The IMA has chosen the WMF 2019 Conference Theme after conducting a survey among a committee of many subject matter experts, Maintenance specialists, and academics from different parts of the globe. This specialized COMMITTEE is working on this theme and preparing a study on “Worldwide Overview of Current Practice of Maintenance Education and Training (ME&T)” in order to find out what are the shortcomings within ME&T in order to reach the BEST formula of (MT&E) globally and make it as a guideline at international level to help local and regional organizations/ associations to plan and strategically develop their Maintenance Training and education plans. This is also to make best value in Budgeting, Maintenance planning & scheduling and maintenance optimization. The study is being conducted by a co-operative team of International Experts to assess the CURRENT approaches to the Education, Training and Apprenticeships of those involved in the maintenance activities. A REPORT of the study and the findings are subjected to review and debate by international O&M experts from Maintenance Societies worldwide during the IMA World Maintenance Forum 2019. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This conference invites professionals from all Maintenance Organizations, Societies or Institutes all over the world. Maintenance Societies Maintenance Training Organizations and Institutes Reliability Organizations and Societies International Maintenance Organizations Governmental Maintenance Training Institutes Maintenance Management / Asset Management Colleges Engineering Societies, Syndicates, or Councils Standardization / Organizations/ Agencies Research WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND? To Review and debate the initial REPORT of the study and its findings by international O&M experts from many Maintenance Societies worldwide. Detailed workshops will also be offered during the conference period. The conference provides participants with a professional platform and a unique opportunity: To Network with an outstanding group of Maintenance Societies, Maintenance Training and Education experts. Improve your systems for Operations Management, Reduce Business Complexity, Optimize Maintenance and Reliability. The conference will be held in a setting in which all participants can share ideas and solve problems. If you have any queries leading up to the event, feel free to reply to this email. I look forward to seeing you on 30 Oct 2019! TECHNICAL COMMITTEE DIRECTOR INTERNATIONAL MAINTENANCE ASSOCIATION (IMA) Via delle scuole 13, 6900 Paradiso, Lugano, Switzerland Tel: (41) 91 225 87 13 | Email: tcd@ima-world.org | Website: www.ima-world.org
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