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  1. My journey to being a M&R Professional wasn't quite straight forward for me. Like most Malawian students, I wasn't really sure what field i wanted to venture into. I got selected to the university to study Industrial/Mechanical Engineering. It was just a normal thing for me, solving problems, passing exams and presenting academic projects was the norm. It wasn't until I went for industrial attachments (at Illovo Sugar Company, Dwangwa), that I develop keen interest in maintenance. I was there for 4 months, working with the maintenance technicians. I got interested to see how good maintenance was at the heart of production. Even in my final year at the university, I can say that Plant Maintenance and Reliability, was one of my favorite subjects. I am a strong believer in M&R, plant performance and uptime rely on it. From that time, I have never looked back, even though i have worked before in the production department, and now I am more of a design engineer; M&R lies closest to my heart. And i believe with the right approach and using the right tools of M&R we can increase productivity, up-time, and execute quality and thorough work in as far as M&R is concerned.
  2. I would sit down with the team, and explain the importance of planned and proactive maintenance, expand to them the gains that are got from it, and hear from them why they prefer the reactive mindset, and understand the reason they stick to they culture. And i would offer them a better perspective of approaching maintenance without fire fighting, yet ensuring job satisfaction.
  3. For me i would say, the struggle that comes with collecting information that affected the performance of the machinery from those stakeholders. Mostly the information is handed in very late, as such it proves to be difficult to schedule accordingly and on time.
  4. Congratulations Raul on your new role. All the best. 

    1. Raul Martins

      Raul Martins

      Thank you very much @Cornelius Mpesi! Looking forward to chatting about M&R with you soon!

    2. Cornelius Mpesi
  5. Hie, my name is Cornelius Mpesi, maintenance profession from Malawi. I love solving problems head on. "Problems are only opportunities in work clothes." - Henry J. Kaiser
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