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    Hi Erik, so sorry for the late reply.. Thank you for this good Info.I appreciate that. by the way i work in fixed plant maintenance in gold mine. We try to make things better & do some improvement Can you please change my name to be : Mohamed Lamada Appreciated
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    Hello Eric, Thank you for your answer regarding to the MTBF. i will put my KPI on the equipment as general instead of the department to improve the equipment. I'm looking for this answers below. 1- if im trying to calculate Weekly MTBF for an equipment. for example :the equipment should be run 24/7 .so total hours is 168 hr per week as but we have just one break down failure ( 2 hours ) for example. how can i calculate the MTBF if i just have one failure 2-For overall equipment effectiveness .as it equal =Availability X performance rate X quality rate . quality rate % is :total produced unit-defective produced unit/ total produced unit % if i have grinding mill ,crusher,pumps or etc .. what is the defected unit .i mean i would put the quality rate as 100% am i correct ? 3-I'm looking to build reliability data based what would you advise me to improve the reliability ? as we are right now have condition monitoring ,RCA ,defect elimination finally i don't have an option to change gladiator name :i tried to go to the settings.but there is no option change . Thank you for your help appreciated
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    Gents, I have question regarding to MTBF.if equipment has several breakdown some related to ( Maintenance or operation & other departments) & I want to calculate MTBF due maintenance issue as a maintenance KPI .. is that will be ok ?? also if i calculate weekly MTBF for equipment.& i have only one failure.how do i calculate it?? Thank you
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