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  1. I agree. May I add one most important feature - its database access as one extend option and functions - give new dimensions (for example I have using open source ERP ADempiere with libero manufacturing and looking every day at the database oracle/postgresql and UI forms to solve problems as standard work, and SQL give me all information's so database give to me ALL DATES and I know how, when, where, why ......etc and in this way I dont have 'black box' in front of my eyes, I have all clear information's) regards Gordan
  2. @Raul Martins thank you, its good to know SAP performances. Have you using any methodology (flowchart, BPMN, ....) ? On this yours examples, can be possible found and reliability for any spare parts, of any business partners, and compare performances (prices/ working times...). Current project I m set up need work order (maintenance order) for cars (15000 km/ 30000 km/ 60000 km - that is 3 type of BOM) its ADempiere free ERP system 3 type of resource and 2 type of tools, every BOM have specific workflows (operations replacement motor oil: Auto mechanic should lift up the car an car workshop equipment, based on resource AUTO MECHANIC with setup time 5 min and duration time 5 min, next AM should remove stopper and merge old oil 2/30 minutes ..... 25 activities) there is more then 10000 products (motor oil 10w 40 ....) input-ed from purchase orders from supply chain management (SCM) located on warehouses. At the end I need sent link to my manager and he will input data in work order (maintenance order) so any costs for any cars will be sent to business partners (with one or more cars, for big organization its 20-30 cars) and all invoices and accounting and payment. At that moment I have not yet setup CRP diagrams for resource loading (there is 6 main and 3 external lines) . This is simple project I have and not so complex. (http://wiki.adempiere.net/Sponsored_Development:_Libero_Manufacturing_Work_Shop)
  3. Raul- At that moment I m creating one BOM (of 10) for cars preventive maintenance, plan to finish 3.12.2019 with all reports. Just to ask, did you load 16000 assets with lines from some files? I don t have any data, so need manually making (typing).
  4. I have using and programing ADempiere ERP and there is default workflow and can be modified upon real plant/resource Engineering Management First steps is set up resource manufacturing, Manufacturing workflows, products and BOM (Fixed assets) and formulas Planning Management (product planning, forecast management, MRP, CRP, DRP) Production Management and Quality Management All information are in UI and in databases (oracleXE/postgresql) for extend of reports Information about work orders and reliability per assets/ spare parts from 3,6,9 months can be reports and product/BOM costs etc. I need 30-60 days for production set up in ADempiere, finally I will create login username and password for my main manager to see costs per products/BOM and other reports using his own mobile phones to see real state and prognoses, Gordan
  5. Gordan


  6. I m set-up ERP system with service requests, and sales order extend with work order and finally invoicing and accounting (development ADempiere ERP systems )

    and I m set up Manufacturing management

    - Engineering management(resource manufacturing, Manufacturing workflows, Bill of Materials and formula)

    - Planning Management (product planning, forecast management, MRP,DRP, DRP

    - Production Management (discrete manufacturing, Management Maintenance (work order), Activity control)

    - Quality Management

    In testing phases development of preventive maintenance for elevator maintenance and integration with ERP ADempiere


    DEMO GardenAdmin/GardenAdmin



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