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  1. Information from sales orders (WO) give number of products(items/parts..) and its important to see confusion for example element(part/item/product) doors support upper, info from sales order lines (WO lines) give for example 20 pcs replacement for 3 years (its confused information, because on 7 level/doors 2 pcs was from level1, 4 from level3, 5 are from level 4, .....etc and sales order line DONT HAVE this information about products(items/parts) PER LEVEL - only TOTAL (from all levels/doors) and part number (EAN code ....) and this doors support upper is universal for any levels/elevator and
  2. Hi Raul, Its good idea! ADempiere is open source and every student/programmer or any other can change for own need, but its also community to determine what can/could not-on official version. I was re-program ADempiere for my own needs, and there is way how to add and MTFB, but its need to define complex fixed (enterprise) assets. 1) example if assets is induction engine from elevator number 1234xy Operational hours elevators (have- controlling electrical induction 3 phases engine 3 x 380V 3-25 kW) is time counter values in [sec]. this information can be joined using S
  3. Gordan


    Hi Ted, I have using preventive maintenance plan for 30+ equipment/electro drives, there is 2 jobs one standard and one specific based on statistics and reliability of spare parts standard job: every day 2 buildings with 2 or 3 elevator / every months with standard operation (check Speed Governors, electric engine, all connectors on every station, cleaning and oiling Elevator Rails and check doors/cabin) need 2 hours, distance from next building in day plan is 10(20) km, non standard job : based on history records (statistics replacement of equipment) I have using from sales orde
  4. Hi Raul, thank you for reply, just to extend above product/assets meaning - what is assets : first step ERP consultants need to define is assets and set-up ERP - in my above example assets=building and have (facility management - staircase switches with timer up to 20 minutes - for common lights, other circuit breakers, elevators with components .... etc) assets can be car with service on every 10000/50000 km, assets can be machines in factory ... etc and asset can connect to the costs. SQL command are very usefully and easy, other way is complicated iReports tools that can integrated wit
  5. Hi Raul, most clients who have using ADempiere ERP need this information's, (example -for switch breakers is important work period (1,2,3.. years) with different power and so on) I m catch from SQL oracle XE database information from sales orders/maintenance orders and I m select sales order lines, product, business partners, date created and I got return information from database about duplicate products on different sales(maintenance) order per business partners/assets and different created dates, and when date 2-date 1 < 100 [days] this switch breakers from this producers is n
  6. Hi Raul for example, elevators are more reliable and easier to maintain than in the past For older models, there are 2 ways 1) most critical components are switch breakers (380V 32A/16 A) because older elevators have induction engines without current inventors with WYE/DELTA start wiring systems and reliability is the function of number run (count) call elevators (frequency per 24 hours for 7 stations 35 flats 120 persons is from 240 (min 120x2) to 4800 start/stop average 563,1 +/- from houses to houses(assets/assets)) 2) total replacement of induction motor wiri
  7. I agree. May I add one most important feature - its database access as one extend option and functions - give new dimensions (for example I have using open source ERP ADempiere with libero manufacturing and looking every day at the database oracle/postgresql and UI forms to solve problems as standard work, and SQL give me all information's so database give to me ALL DATES and I know how, when, where, why ......etc and in this way I dont have 'black box' in front of my eyes, I have all clear information's) regards Gordan
  8. @Raul Martins thank you, its good to know SAP performances. Have you using any methodology (flowchart, BPMN, ....) ? On this yours examples, can be possible found and reliability for any spare parts, of any business partners, and compare performances (prices/ working times...). Current project I m set up need work order (maintenance order) for cars (15000 km/ 30000 km/ 60000 km - that is 3 type of BOM) its ADempiere free ERP system 3 type of resource and 2 type of tools, every BOM have specific workflows (operations replacement motor oil: Auto mechanic should lift up the car an car worksh
  9. Raul- At that moment I m creating one BOM (of 10) for cars preventive maintenance, plan to finish 3.12.2019 with all reports. Just to ask, did you load 16000 assets with lines from some files? I don t have any data, so need manually making (typing).
  10. I have using and programing ADempiere ERP and there is default workflow and can be modified upon real plant/resource Engineering Management First steps is set up resource manufacturing, Manufacturing workflows, products and BOM (Fixed assets) and formulas Planning Management (product planning, forecast management, MRP, CRP, DRP) Production Management and Quality Management All information are in UI and in databases (oracleXE/postgresql) for extend of reports Information about work orders and reliability per assets/ spare parts from 3,6,9 months can be report
  11. Gordan


  12. I m set-up ERP system with service requests, and sales order extend with work order and finally invoicing and accounting (development ADempiere ERP systems )

    and I m set up Manufacturing management

    - Engineering management(resource manufacturing, Manufacturing workflows, Bill of Materials and formula)

    - Planning Management (product planning, forecast management, MRP,DRP, DRP

    - Production Management (discrete manufacturing, Management Maintenance (work order), Activity control)

    - Quality Management

    In testing phases development of preventive maintenance for elevator maintenance and integration with ERP ADempiere


    DEMO GardenAdmin/GardenAdmin



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