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  1. I was very glad when I saw this particular opportunity to apply for Online course in Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Scholarship. and with this letter I would like to express my strong motivation for this course. I am a graduate of the University Of Aden , Yemen holding BSc degree in Mechanical engineering and obtained first rank , honorary degree with cumulative grade point average ( CGPA) : 4.46 and overall grade of very good . At the moment I am working my at Arabian Yemen Cement Company Ltd , where I got experience in Preventive Maintenance (conditioning monitoring ,inspection and mechanical planning ) . At present war and terrorism are the gravest problem being faced by Yemen. It has become a headache for the government and a nightmare for the members of the public. Although it's an international issue but Yemen has to face the brunt of it. Taking part in the war in terror has further deteriorated the situation. This intimidating situation is caused due to various factors i.e political instability, economic disparity, religious intolerence and social inequality .The war on terror has had negative political, economic and social repercussions for the country. A scholarship can make a big difference in how much time and resources you will have during college to spend on enhancing your experience and knowledge through service-learning, volunteer opportunities and internships. The money and security afforded by a scholarship allows you to be more selective in how you spend your free time. Use this time wisely and make the most of it; instead of working at any minimum-wage job you can find to support yourself, select work that is meaningful and adds value to your degree. At the end I would like to point out that I am determined to make the most of this opportunity. I believe that being a student in your department would not only empower my career development, but would give me the framework to utilize my full potentials. Moreover, I can benefit from the numerous challenging career opportunities . As I understand, this program is very competitive, attracting highly motivated students, but I am convinced that my good record at the University and professional experience give me a strong recommendation for a place at it. Therefore I would be honored if you decide to accept my candidateship for this course. In the same time I am aware of possible challenges and high investments of effort I will have to place in order to successfully complete this course.
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