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  1. First and foremost, it is a dream come true. I graduated as a civil engineer in the University of Sierra Leone-Fourah Bay College and because of the country I live (Sierra Leone), graduating as a civil engineer is one thing and getting a job is another thing. After graduating in 2008, in 2010 I was lucky to be recruited in a mining company called African Mineral SL Limited that was later changed to Shandong steel SL Limited where I was recruited as a planner in the maintenance department. I had no choice but to look for any job in order to make myself relevant and useful after a year or two after graduation without a job. Furthermore, after being recruited in the maintenance planning department at the start it was a bit hard for me because this was not the field I graduated but non the less, I was determined to learn and my manager saw that in me and she also was open and willing to teach me and I was brought to speed. Honestly, even though I graduated as a civil engineer and there are so many challenges in learning maintenance planning, I have grown to love this field and forget being a civil engineer because my experience lies in this respect and I have made up my mind in making maintenance planning my career. Moreover, paying now for this course will be very difficult for me because I have been redundant about a year ago and no job at the moment to support myself. Here in Sierra Leone, as long as you are not part of the political parties and no relatives in the government, getting a job is by Gods grace. Also, I don't have any strong relative that will support me of this quest. Not withstanding all that, I am looking for such opportunity of taking this course, earn a certificate and have something to show for it since at least I now have some experience and with a certificate in this field, it will beef up my CV/Resume and help me open up to more opportunities in the future. Finally, I want to kindly ask for this opportunity and be more considerate because I don't want to be left out in this course. I am not sure who is going to be the lucky winner but even if I am not successful, I want you to think of me and consider me to be part of this course because I fully know opportunities like this are rare to come by. Now that I don't have anything much to do and no job at the moment taking this course will help me improve my maintenance and planning skills and provide light at the end of the tunnel. Yusufu Tarawallie - Certificate (Redundancy).pdf Yusufu Tarawallie - Engineering Certificate.pdf Yusufu Tarawallie - Statement Of Result.pdf
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