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Adil Merchant

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    Maintenance Engineer
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    Maintenance Engineer and Referent for the deployment of the CAPNOR improvement approach
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    Ponticelli Frères
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    Industrial services mainly to companies in the O&G, energy, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors
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    Emerainville, France
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  1. “A good reason” as you said: because I am passionate about maintenance and your free scholarship is a unique opportunity to learn more about scheduling & planning. As a maintenance engineer from several years, I have become the referent for the deployment of CAPNOR (it is an internal approach that we have created in order to improve maintenance management by changing our working methods) at PONTICELLI FRERES, your free scholarship will be a great help to increase my knowledge and the knowledge of the whole company by applying your planning & scheduling approach. We have observed, during internal audits, that planning & scheduling are the basis for optimal maintenance management. Still, they are unknown or poorly known for most people. We have deployed several tools (such as the Master Schedule) and methods in order to improve the way we plan maintenance activities. But we are sure we can do much better and your expertise will help us to achieve our goal. Aware of the unique opportunity you offer, I would like to underline that I am a dynamic profile, ready to free myself to follow your courses with exemplary assiduity.
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